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November 01, 2009


mary c.

your so funny, joan! I love your blog!

Rita Zuidema

Dear Friend -- you continue to inspire me, make me smile, and be grateful that you're in my life -- as well as the MANY who read or hear your words.

Joan Bauer

Well, I know that not everyones a dog person, and believe it or not, years ago I wasnt one either. I agree the loving dogs more than people thing is wrong. But Ive had two remarkable dogs in my adult life and experienced their companionship in deep ways that made the poop seem not nearly as important. Sadly, Im allergic to cats, but Ive also had some close relationships with parakeets and my daughters gerbils, but they dont give back the way dogs do. No pun intended.


Dallas Bradel

Joan, You just made me laugh out loud; thank you.

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