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May 14, 2011



I just reread Close to Famous and it is just as good as it was the first time, even better I think. I did see and talk to you at the Printers Row Book Fest. Thank you for being so gracious to the crazy woman you spoke with after leaving the stage (me). The one who had difficulty putting together a coherent sentence! I'm not normally like that, but I have loved your books forever and never thought I'd get the chance to meet you. I recommend your books to my students all the time. I love your characters. They are so real. I think that is what makes it so easy for students to connect with and enjoy your stories. I can't imagine a more deserving recipient of the award from the Tribune. I hope that you never stop writing! I had one of those "wretched age turning events" not long ago. Take heart, it's just a number:)


Some of us are just getting our style and stride in the midst of what we might call wretched ages. I'm just grateful it's coming. I love my garden. It holds the best metaphors for life. (Though you might say cooking does!) Thank you for a beautiful post, and I hope you return to Chicago.

Joan Bauer

Jill -- thanks for this. On the wretched age thing, Ive decided that there are things I can only do now that Ive arrived in that formidable decade. I find that a lovely thought. Appreciate your encouragement.



I love your insights - please keep them coming!

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